I Promised!

I recently told you exciting news was coming. Well, it is here plus one addition I didn't know I would have for you. First, the new website is up! The biggest thing I'm excited about is you will have the ability to book time when you need help. Whether you are facing a job loss, family issues, oppression, or anything else you'll be able to reach out and schedule time to be ministered to when it is convenient for you. Of course, do not hesitate to just pick up the phone and call me if you need immediate help. The booking system is simply to help you in your own busy schedule. For the moment it is just a form but the actual booking should be up in a day or two.

Secondly we are looking for a facility to share to get together to pray, worship, seek the Lord, and study the Word together. This will most likely be in Gainesville, GA. We are in prayer about having Prophetic Hub services as well as men's Bible study (more on these last two to come). Please be in prayer and, if you feel led, contribute to this need.

Thirdly, my friend Pastor Jeremiah in Uganda and I were talking recently. I mentioned that I would like to visit him sometime and the wheels started in motion. He is a father of four who recently lost his wife during the birth of their last child. He has requested I come and visit. He is a pastor of a small congregation of anywhere from 100-300. Demonization and witchcraft are prevalent there. My hope is that we can be a strong witness here and to the surrounding areas. We would need to cover the expenses for this so please help me pray and consider contributing to this trip.

He is also trying to raise the funds to start farming Rosemary. Rosemary has many uses in Africa. He believes, in faith, that God will bless it to support his ministry, his family, and many of those in need in his congregation. When in need they often come to their pastor for help. Please consider contributing to this need as well.

Our website is www.hopewithhim.org and you may give at https://giv.li/1kzl82 (Givelify) where you can designate where you would like your gift to go. We are grateful for your gifts and prayers. We cannot do what we do without you and your support!

Finally, this is been a challenging year for everyone. The enemy has deeply divided us and a spirit of fear is heavy. One of the things the Lord has called me to is being a conduit to setting the captives free. There is a war going on and some are struggling worse than others. From suicidal thoughts to oppression to downright demonization, the war is raging and the number of victims is rising. Please pray with me for wisdom, favor, and the anointing to not only be strong with such situations but to pursue them! He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world and my intention is to grow this ministry, provide opportunities for those oppressed to come and be set free, and take the war back to the enemy!!

Thank you and keep your Hope in Him!!

Pastor Brandon

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