Follow A Man Or Kneel To A King

November 3rd was a big day in our country. As we do every four years, we voted for the president of the United States along with many other elected officials. The election is still unresolved and there has been much division (possibly even more than before the election). Before I go further though, please don't make assumptions about what I am saying here. You should know that in 2016 I did not vote for either major candidate. I had too many objections to who they were, what they stood for, etc. Despite this, you may be thinking that I, a 52-year-old white male, may vote a certain way. You should know that I follow Christ first and that His commands and assignment are my first priority. With that said, let me jump in.

What follows may have you nodding your head, shaking your head, or ready to blow up my phone. As a minister of the gospel, I am entrusted with sharing the truth. Not a version of the truth because I like one candidate or the other. Or disagree with one or the other. THE Truth. Our country has become very divided. Divided by race, party, political systems, religious belief, and much more. So much so that violence has broken out. Some of the issues at hand should and must be addressed but violence is never the answer! COVID19. Black Lives Matter. The economy. The judiciary. Homelessness! I could go on and on! We have serious problems! The two candidates for President have very different plans for addressing these and much more. They are definitely polar opposites.

You most likely voted for one or the other. To all believers, I say, from this point forward, be led by the Holy Spirit in your life including your voting (Psalm 143:10). As I said, this country is very divided but the sad thing is THE Church is as bad or worse. The Church is divided not only often by race but with too many denominations to count. We must unify. We must care for the plight of each other! What would this country be like if we all submitted our vote to Him? What if you decided to submit to Him, be led by the Holy Spirit, and He had you vote for the man opposing your choice? Would you do it? What an impact we could have! Candidates who truly loved all as they love themselves (Luke 10:27)!

When the 120 were gathered in the upper room and baptized with the Holy Spirit, the Bible says they were of one accord (Acts 2:1). One accord… agreement. If we all submitted to the Lord, allowed ourselves to be led by the Spirit, what would happen in this country? Perhaps we would start voting for someone we personally would not have chosen. What about the next election? Perhaps God, knowing He had your vote, could raise up a new kind of candidate that cares for those things He cares for. That had positions that lined up with the Bible. That they, themselves, submitted to the Lord. How would the government change? How would society change if we submitted to the Lord and were led by the Holy Spirit?

I close by encouraging you to submit your will to His. The Church is to be a light unto the world. We have to stand together, looking and loving like Jesus, and that begins with you and me. We have become too fractured by giving in to our flesh. It’s time we actually let the Lord be OUR Lord and let His love, power, and restorative heart shine through each of us!

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