Pastor Brandon Drake

Pastor Brandon Drake speaking

Pastor Brandon has a heart of compassion for those hurting from life tragedies whether from the hands of others or by their own mistakes. He knows all too well what happens when you make your own life mistakes. His senior year in high school he was captain of the football team and academic student of the year. Life ahead looked good. He was The Man and, if you didn't know it, he was glad to share it with you!

God had a plan for him, though,  and set to work to molding that prideful young man into the man He had planned. An early divorce brought some humility. Years later, after a separation of marriage and ensuing second divorce, devastated and broken he poured his heart into God not knowing where else to turn. First, he didn't believe divorce was best and now he had two! Second, he believed he had failed God. He asked God "How did this happen and how can it never happen again?"

Instead of God changing the situation, He changed Him by teaching him, showing him unconditional love, and placing it in him. Out of his brokenness came a desire to help others. He returned to school and got his degree in Christian Counseling. He knew he had been called to minister. He was ordained began ministering to men in troubled marriages. God began to work and Pastor Brandon is honored to be a part of numerous restored marriages. 


God wasn't done with him yet. He gave him three prophetic dreams concerning the manipulations of the demonic and anointed him to minister to those needing freedom. Today, he is still not perfect (who is but Jesus) but God has brought him a long way. Pastor Brandon coaches others in discipleship, ministers

to those that have experienced past trauma, those in need of freedom from oppression, those in troubled marriages, and has a heart for men's ministry. In addition, he has witnessed God heal many miraculously through the laying on of hands. His greatest desire is to just help those in need and bring them closer to Jesus.