Inspired by the teachings of Neil T. Anderson (read his book "Steps to Freedom in Christ") , Freedom Appointments are comprehensive discipleship sessions. In these sessions you will experience the love of Christ like never before. You will discover:

  • your identity in Christ

  • the wiles and schemes of the enemy

  • the significance of repentance, and

  • your authority in Christ and how to use it.

Through the steps, you will go through a prayer and repentance process where, through God's prescence and the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit, you will learn to hear His voice and move at His direction.

You will also learn how to continue to grow and maintain your new-found freedom by applying daily practices of renewing your mind and taking thoughts captive. This process requires personal responsibility and a response of faith on your part. With this said, Pastor Brandon can help you minister to your loved one. Reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

Please fill out some exploration time to discuss this with Pastor Brandon or go ahead and set time for your Freedom Appointment on our Booking Page.


NOTE: Pastor Brandon is not a licensed counselor by the state of Georgia. His degree is in Human Relations from Point University with Christian counseling as its basis. He relies on his knowledge training and the Holy Spirit to guide and lead the time together.

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